The Company

The Tridelta Thermprozess GmbH was founded in 1993. Currently we represent a medium-sized enterprise with 30 employees and an annual turnover of about 5 million Euro.

The development of our furnace manufacturing company is connected closely to the hundred-year-old tradition of the production of electrical insulators and components in Hermsdorf.
Due to our many years of experience in the

development, design, production and assembling of fully equipped industrial furnaces, thermal devices and systems of heat engineering and also special systems according to the requirements of our customers

we could successfully improve customer awareness of our company and products - nationally and internationally.

Our customers come from all fields of technology and science. The solution of problems of thermal and catalytic after-treatment of exhaust gases and environmental technology also belongs to the performance profile of our company.

Based on the technological requirements experienced engineers develop appropriate solutions for all kinds of equipment, which contain industrial furnaces and thermal processes.
As a result of decades of experience, also in co-operation with manufacturers of ceramics in all industrial branches and with research and development institutions our company has a lot of know-how concerning manufacturing processes in any fields of technical ceramics, fine and ordinary ceramics, powder metallurgy, grinding agents, glass (mainly lighting systems), microelectronics, and environmental technology. Thermal and catalytic afterburning of organically loaded waste gases of debinding furnaces and systems for pyrolytic treatment belong to the last mentioned field.

Among the customized special equipment manufactured by our company highlights are:

  • furnaces with protective gas atmosphere for investigation of metal melts
  • furnaces for joining of glass and ceramic parts
  • equipment for the synthesis of powders consisting of nanometer sized particles
  • gradient furnaces for pattern testing
  • investigation of materials under pressure, at high temperatures, and in defined gas atmospheres.

Besides domestic customers, who make up the main part of our orders, also international partners from Austria, China, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S.A. belong to our regular clientele.


Tridelta Thermprozess GmbH
Marie-Curie-Straße 14
D-07629 Hermsdorf

Tel.: +49-36601-9389-0
Fax.: +49-36601-9389-99


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