Hearth boogie kiln - gas heated with swing door for sintering

The kiln is equipped with high speed burners, a swing door, a heat exchanger for preheating of the burning air (optional), and a fluorine absorber (optional). It carries out sintering cycles programmed according temperature and atmosphere.

Usable kiln room:
Burning room about 4.35 x 7.83 x 3.8 m = 129.0 m3

Outer kiln dimensions:
-    Width       about 7650 mm
-    Depth     about 10500 mm
-    Height      about 7500 mm

Number of burners, burning power and installed heating power:
18 burners each with about 270 kW ≈ 4860 kW

Dimensioning of  temperature:
The thermal isolation of the kiln is dimensioned for a maximum kiln room temperature of 1350°C and a maximum cycle time of 120 h.

3D-Illustration Hearth boogie kiln

Herdwagenofen gasbeheizt mit Schwenktür zum Sintern

Herdwagenofen gasbeheizt mit Schwenktür zum Sintern

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